Saturday, April 12, 2008

$39,070.61 for a boob job, and this isn't over yet!

The hospital bill came last week for the Breast Reconstruction Surgery that was done last month. $39,070.61. And this was an outpatient surgery. My gosh. How do women who are not breast cancer patients afford these boob jobs?! Or do they charge more when it is covered by insurance?

My insurance (for which I pay $1200 per month) is covering all but $1405.23. But I’m not sure if this is the end of it. It seems that these bills keep creeping in for months after the affair.

And it seems clear that I will need another surgery. Will my insurance cover that? We can barely even afford the insurance. (Actually, we can’t afford it.)

Yesterday I was visiting with girlfriends and I showed them my breasts. This is the first time that I have uncovered myself to people other than John or doctors. Both Lynda and Deb think that the way I am now is unacceptable. The left (native) breast is fine, lifted and slightly augmented with silicon at the top. The right breast, the silicon implant, is very high and round and much larger than the left side, at least on the top. So that I’m both lopsided and imbalanced. More and more, I’m beginning to think that taking out all implants, and learning to be as I am – a unibreast – is the best solution. But I’m not sure if I’m brave enough. I’m self-conscious enough of my strange looking chest without clothes on, how would it be to look so “different” with clothes on?

Before the surgery, Dr. Lickstein told me that 25% of Breast Reconstructions require further “procedures” to make things right. I guess I’m in that 25%. At the time I thought that meant a little tuck or something in the office. Now I realize that it means another surgery.