Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the basketball on my chest (the "expander")

I just had the 3rd injection of saline into my “expander”. I call it the basketball on my chest. According to Dr. L, there is now 380 cc’s of saline in there. He wants over 400, so that means another injection next week.

It’s not that it “hurts”, but it is quite weird, especially for a couple of days after the injection. I always feel a little shaky after I leave the office. Like my body is just a bit shocked. This week I came home and just laid down. It definitely feels “full” and tight (and big!).

I am starting to get anxious to just get this done, even though it means another surgery. Dr. L says that after the last injection, I will need to wait at least 3-4 weeks so that the stretched tissue can settle down before he can put in the implant. And he says that lifting and matching my native breast will be the challenge for him. I told him that he needed to be like God, and make them beautiful.

And then there is the complication that chemotherapy would bring to this whole schedule. But I’m not thinking about that now …