Sunday, January 13, 2008


I am dragging my feet on going to see the oncologist. My pathology report came back looking pretty good – clean nodes, clean margins, small tumor. According to Dr. Rimmer, the tumor was 1 mm shy of warranting chemo.

So, I’m assuming that I’m relatively safe, as far as cancer goes. And that I am very lucky. I even feel out of place at the breast cancer support group where most all of the women have had to go through chemo. My own cosmetic concerns seem trivial.

One of the reasons I’m dragging my feet is because I want to heal from the surgery. Everything happened so fast before the surgery, and now I like having the freedom to do things on my own time. The other is that I know that she will want to put me on an estrogen-blocking drug, and I don’t like that idea.

But I know that I need to at least argue my case with her.