Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the decor of a plastic surgeon's office

There were new silver chairs in the lobby of Dr. L’s office today. And new curtains.

There was some art on the walls: A black and white beach scene, with large rock-like things in the foreground of the picture that were like the green pod-like things on the table. It appeared to be a cross between a photograph and a painting. In the examining room there was a picture that reminded me of one of my weed photographs. The veins of the leaves were a beautiful blue.

I’m fascinated with the décor of this doctor’s office. It’s a nature theme, but also with subtle silvers and golds. The receptionist said that it was supposed to be “calming”, and it is.

The beauty of nature and that of the human body is clear and obvious, yet somewhat understated. I like that. There were a few black and white photographs of women in the hallway. I wish that there was at least one of a man’s body.

What I don’t like are the cosmetic advertisements that are in the shelving in the lobby. I would like to see abstract sculptures there. I’m annoyed by the cosmetic advertisements in all of the doctor’s offices these days anyway. Reminds me of snake oil.