Thursday, March 13, 2008

breast reconstruction surgery

The morning before my surgery I weighed myself. 147 pounds. I figured I might lose a few pounds during this venture and I wanted to see how much. This morning I weighed 154 pounds. I only ate a half a cracker yesterday and gained 7 pounds. Go figure. It must be all those bags of water that they kept dripping into my veins.

Other than the nausea and headache that goes with anesthesia, things went well. Incision pain was bad yesterday, but that means that I still have nerves in my nipple (yeah!). And I only took 2 pain pills, then decided that the headache pain was worse than incision pain, and switched to just Tylenol. Now, less than 24 hours after surgery, I’m on nothing.

I’m still wrapped in a surgical bra, but they look about the right size. Actually the left breast (my native breast) looks a little larger, but Dr. L says that could be due to swelling. And they look even. I’ll get a better look tomorrow when I take this gauze bra off and take a shower. The right breast feels a lot better than when the expander was in – softer and somewhat lower.

Thank god this is over with. I don’t want to ever go to surgery again in my lifetime.