Friday, March 14, 2008

my new breasts

My, my. I had my first look at my new breasts this morning.


I had to carefully remove all the gauze and stuff, and I was expecting everything to be bruised and stitched and swollen.

Instead I have these lovely 2 small breasts. Maybe a little battle scarred - but mine.

They are not quite balanced or even, but Dr. L says that it will be a few weeks until everything settles out.

I am impressed with my native breast. It looks like it did when I was 25 years old. Perfect. The other one is not as large as my native breast, and not exactly natural looking. The silicon is definitely much softer and more comfortable than the saline expander.

Even though I would never elect to have this surgery, I can see why people who have the money would do it. I think that Dr. David Lickstein must have some kind of special gift for creating beauty.

I'm still a little tired and I run a fever every afternooon and kind of ache. But I've taken a shower and am dressed. It does feel good to have this over with.