Saturday, November 24, 2007

a funny thing happened at the gym today ...

A funny thing happened at the gym today.

I am not a serious gym-person. I go every now and then and do some of the machines and some of the weights. Sometimes I do an exercise or yoga/pilates class. If I’m not doing a class, I usually am in and out of there in less than an hour, usually around 45 minutes.

Today, while on the elliptical machine, I kind of lost it. As in, I knew that my head was not working right. I was breathing ok, but my thoughts were jumping around. I felt like I was losing it. My short-term memory was gone, and I couldn’t remember any of my doctors’ names. When I came home John took my blood pressure and it was fine. I wasn’t really panicked, but I couldn’t concentrate, and it was a little scary. I had to just keep busy “doing the next thing”.

Actually, I felt like I was having really profound, insightful and imaginative thoughts, but I couldn’t hold on to them, or reflect on them. And they were jumping around a lot. Like I was tripping or something.

Something similar happened the last time I went to the gym, about 10 days ago, only this time the disorientation lasted longer.

I’m a little more focused now, but I think I’ll stick to just riding my bike and doing yoga at home for awhile.