Saturday, November 17, 2007

tiredness and love

I feel especially tired today, and a little sad. I’m not sleeping well, and the tiredness seems to carry over from day to day.

I visited Donna, my prisoner friend, today in Fort Lauderdale. The prison ambience – mothers with children, fences, guards – though somewhat less harsh than at a men’s prison, is still heavy to hold. Then I missed my turn to the turnpike on the way home and had to weave my way thru Fort Lauderdale until I found I95.

I am somewhat overwhelmed at the love that my friends show me in response to my breast cancer. They call me, offer to accompany me to appointments, send me cards and expressions of love. John is especially attentive to me. I wonder at this – I don’t think that I am as attentive to others as they are to me - and I wonder about the people who have no one to care for them.