Monday, December 10, 2007

3rd wave of sadness

Today was kind of an off day. If I had not committed to writing everyday, I probably would not write today.

I am feeling a little depressed, a little frazzled and a little sad. Two women from the breast cancer support group called me, and I am grateful for these new friendships. I saw my primary physician’s assistant and waited an hour and a half to get a blood test. They did an EKG and the waves look good though I have an irregular heart beat. I knew I danced to a different drummer. I hassled with trying to get my printer to work. I talked to my sister, who is calling almost every day now (We usually only talk once or twice a month).

I didn’t get to my yoga/sitting until late in the day.

I think I feel the 3rd wave of sadness coming on. It is a more subtle, accepting kind of sadness. A quiet sadness, but sadness nonetheless. My surgery is now less than a week away.